Jacob Gottlieb Is A Professional Investor And Former Doctor

Dr. Jacob Gottlieb has degrees in two different majors, including economics and medicine. Jacob first became a medical doctor before realizing it was not truly what he wanted to focus on. With a mind for finances and investing, Jacob left the medical industry and pursued his passion in finances and economics. It didn’t take him long to earn his degree and start his investing career on Wall Street.


Jacob is convinced that the two careers are actually quite similar, which is what inspired Jacob to become a medical practitioner in the first place. Why are they similar? Well as Jacob says it, both jobs require the individual to be a risk taker and manager. As a doctor, one must be able to pinpoint a patients problem and determine how to fix it in the safest and quickest manner without causing further problems. As an investor, the individual must be willing to take risks with their investments potentially rising or falling with the stocks.

Visium Benefits

With such a huge influence on his life and career choices, his parents are proud of the accomplishments he has made, both as a medical practitioner and investor. Jacobs father was also in the economic field, while his mother chose the medical field. In any case, Jacob found his true calling as an investor for Wall Street.


One of the greatest things that Wall Street has allowed Jacob to do is support others. Jacob has always wanted to give back and help other people through his work and as an investor he is able to do so to a higher degree than he ever thought possible. Jacob supports many organizations around the country, especially within his home state of New York. Jacob is avid when it comes to helping children, which is why he has support Math for America for many years, aiding kids in their math and science skills all over the United States.


Sameer Jejurikar Meeting Plastic Surgery Needs

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a Board Certified plastic surgeon based out of the Dallas Texas. He is a member of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and is associated with a number of major hospitals in the area. While he offers the full spectrum of plastic surgery, his specialty is in cosmetic surgery with a focus on face, eyes, nose, body, and breast. Dr. Jejurikar’s main goal is to help his patients meet their goals, no matter if those goals are to look younger or to entirely change the way a person looks. He prides himself on offering his patients the latest and most innovative technology to achieve their aesthetic and reconstructive surgery needs.


Dr. Jejurikar also takes pride in the ability to help the less fortunate community. He has taken a number of medical focused missions to third world countries. Annually, he takes a trip to the impoverished communities in Bangladesh to help those communities get the care they need and deserve.


Dr. Jejurikar began and ended his journey to becoming a plastic surgeon at the University of Michigan. Not only did he get his bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan, but he also continued on there for Medical School as well as for his plastic surgery residency. Dr. Jejurikar is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. Additionally, Dr. Jejurikar has contributed to publications in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Annals of Plastic Surgery, Journal of Surgical Research, and Microsurgery.


Betsy DeVos: A Polite Professional, but a Strong Political Fighter

Betsy DeVos had a meeting with a delegate for transgender and gay employees at the Education Department to warn them of President Trump’s decision to revoke public bathroom access in public schools for transgender students. Ms. DeVos was in objection of President Trump’s decision, but she maintained a polite mannerism during the official announcement.


Although Ms. DeVos was in opposition of President Trump’s decision, her argument was lost due to her opponent. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in favor of Trump’s decision, and Mr. Sessions has decades of experience in Washington politics, as he was a former senator. In addition, Mr. Sessions is also known to have ties to those close to President Trump.


Ms. DeVos has faced criticism because she doesn’t have experience in a government position in Washington, and she supports the decrease in federal funding provided to public schools. Ms. DeVos is attempting to better the American education system by using vouchers to allow underprivileged children the chance to attend charter or religious schools. Although some feel that Ms. DeVos’ idea will undermine the public school system, her supporters advocate that it will cause a competition that will result in the public schools making the improvements necessary to improve education in the United States.


Ms. DeVos has already made great strides. One of her first acts in office was to contact two major teachers unions. Randi Weingarten is the president of the American Federation of Teaches and stated “There is a tendency to underestimate her, she comes across as personable, plain-spoken, but she is dangerous.” Although the president of the National Education Association, Ms. Eskelsen Garcia, declined to meet with Ms. DeVos, Ms. Weingarten and Ms. DeVos have planned to visit local schools together in the near future.


Greg McNeilly explained that Ms. DeVos understands that many schools in the United States do not perform as well as schools in other developed countries. According to McNielly, “I think she wants to have a conversation with the country about what should we expect from our schools, and about being agnostic about the form of schools.” Although her new role is off to a rough start, she is expected to produce results because she is a fierce political fighter.


Ms. DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan, in 1958. She was raised in Holland and attended the Christian Reform Church. Her alma matter is Calvin College, which is a Christian school, near Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ms. DeVos is married to Dick DeVos, and the couple have four children together. The couple is avid supporters of numerous political, conservative, and religious groups. Ms. DeVos is on the board for the Foundation for Excellence in Education, and she was chair for the Alliance for School Choice and the Acton Institute. The DeVos’ numerous contributions to the community have resulted in several facilities being named after the family that include the DeVos Children’s Hospital, the DeVos Center for Arts and Worship, and DeVos Communication Center located at Calvin College.


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Hard work pays as the English men once said. It is through hard work, determination and having great dreams that have helped Dr. Saad Saad to study in Cairo well to acquire got certification in his medical degree. He originates from a poor background which has been a motivator for him to work tirelessly to pave his way to be a successful doctor. Also, the fact that he confirmed he could not manage to work in an open environment gave him more aggression to pursue his education seriously.

He did his medical training in the United States where he got the opportunity to join a fellowship of pediatric surgeons. He worked with different hospitals and later went to Saudi Arabia to give more of his services. He was able to work in Faisal Hospital which primarily offers medical services to the Royal family. As taught by his mentor, everyone is equal and deserves equal opportunities; Dr. Saad incorporated this into his surgeries and treatment. He, therefore, served both the rich and the poor as the hospital offered time for other people to be served. This reveals his kind heart as he continues with sharing his knowledge to help people.

He purposes to ensure that the medical sector becomes better with time. For this reason, Dr. Saad Saad has involved himself in social activities that would provide proper medical care. He was involved in the development of a surgical training program for Saudi students. This made the medical studies useful for them as they get educated and trained at the same place ensuring they had the opportunity to even share their skills with their community.

Moreover, Dr. Saad has had the mission to improve the quality of the surgical procedures. He has been involved in several surgical discoveries such as the use of aesthetics during surgeries to help reduce pain and risks of the patients. That resulted in more innovations such as the discovery of catheter with a tracking mechanism. This equipment is used to make valid surgeries. The catheters are used to drain fluids for more straightforward operation, and it has a tracking mechanism to aid in giving the knowledge on the right place to put the machine. Unlike the old catheters, the new catheter discovered by Dr. Saad use electromagnetic energy to identify the location. This discovery has helped many surgical patients to avoid x-rays and MRI to find the catheter.

He was able to discover the rigid endoscope which the surgeons use to view inside the patient’s body during surgery. It also assists in making examinations smooth as the body viewing is made effective. It is made possible through the use of a suction device that sucks away fluids which make the process of viewing a body difficult. Therefore, it is evident that Dr. Saad has been of benefit in the medical sector as he has facilitated growth and better care. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html

Scott Rocklage Role in The Medical Department

Scott Rocklage is not a stranger to the medical profession. The scientist is currently working as the managing partner for an institution that is called 5 AM Ventures. His educational background is one of the things that have played a significant role in his career life. Scott went for his first degree from the popular University of California. After completing his science degree in chemistry, the businessman decided to further his studies until he acquired a PhD in the same subject. By the time Scott was graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he was equipped with a lot of skills, and he was ready to make an impact in the society. Before Scott could leave this institution, he conducted research that enabled him to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Dr. Rocklage is one of the people who want to make a great impact in the medical section. The businessman is ensuring that some of the most dangerous diseases that are killing people can be cured. Scott has assisted to save so many lives through his company, known as 5AM Ventures. Getting to this position in the complicated market has never been for him. The businessman has had to work hard and prove to everyone in the world that he has all the skills needed by a scientist. Scott Rocklage is a role model to many people who are thinking of making investments in medicine. Rocklage had worked for several companies before he could join 5AM Ventures in the year 2003. In just one year, the company gave him the position of managing partner because he has proved his great skills. His leadership features are out of this world. This is why the company has been performing well.

Dr. Rocklage does not shy from making investments in healthcare. After spending more than three decades dealing with healthcare management, the businessman understands some of the challenges people have to deal with, and he wants to make sure that these problems do not hinder the kind of cure people need to live a long life. Rocklage is also a philanthropist who has made several huge donations to noble causes in the American society.


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Whitney Wolfe Takes On Match Group

Bumble is the champion when it comes to the dating app world, and everyone always goes for the champion. This is what Whitney Wolfe believes is happening when it comes to her dating app. The parent company of Tinder which is called the Match group has filed a lawsuit against Bumble. There has been a lawsuit filed where this company is claiming that the technology dating interface that is used for Bumble is an exact replica of what Tinder is doing.

Whitney Wolfe believes that this idea is absurd and that this parent company for Tinder is a bully that is trying to cut in on profits that she has made.

Bumble has been around for some time now, and there has been no lawsuit in place. Now that Whitney Wolfe is rising to the top as a billion dollar app it appears that everyone wants a piece of the action. Match has already tried to buy Bumble for more than $400 million. It appears that now that Whitney Wolfe has turned down this offer there is a whole lot more tension between Whitney Wolfe and the founders of Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe has been silent about the lawsuit where she sued one of the owners of the Tinder app because she was once someone that helped create this app. This is why she believes that it is totally ludicrous for anyone to put a lawsuit in place against her. She feels that she has the right to get into a similar swipe left or right format for her app because she was the one that co-created Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe does not plan to let any lawsuit stop her from expanding the business that she created. She has already been able to build a stronger network with Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. She has taken to building the type of app environment that allows people to engage in even more than just dating.

Whitney Wolfe feels like this type of expansion automatically clears Bumble from being just another dating app. She feels that Tinder has no real grounds to stand when it comes to the comparison between Tinder and Bumble because Bumble is more than a dating app. CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe is not going to be intimidated by this because she knows that she is creating something that is unlike anything else that has existed when it comes to social media apps.

Source: https://www.npr.org/templates/transcript/transcript.php?storyId=557437086

Bradesco Shareholders Confirm The Appointment Of Octavio De Lazari As CEO

Brazilians know the name Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Trabuco is the face of the second largest bank in the country. Trabuco was the Chief Executive Officer and president of Banco Bradesco for the last seven years. During that time, Trabuco gave the bank more than anyone expected in terms of new assets as well as new banking services.

Mr. Trabuco knew his bank would have to stay ahead of other Brazilian banks by offering new online and mobile banking services. Mr. Trabuco gets high marks for developing digital banking services before other banks in Brazil. According to critics, Bradesco has to do more in the digital world in order to stay competitive with tech startups. But Trabuco seems to take that criticism with a grain of salt.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has a knack for staying ahead of the banking curve in Brazil. He proved that when Bradesco took over HSBC’s Brazil operation in 2015. The acquisition of that operation gave Bradesco more than 5,300 local bank branches and more than 12, 500 ATM locations. But many of those local bank branches competed with each other, and that was the kiss of death for many of those branches. Trabuco and his executive team started closing branches in 2017. And according to new CEO Octavio de Lazari, the bank will continue to close branches in 2018. Octavio de Lazari is replacing Trabuco as CEO, and Mr. Trabuco is replacing Bradesco long-time Chairman Lázaro de Mello Brandão. Lázaro de Mello Brandão is finally retiring after 75 years of service.

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Mr. Lazari is another long-time Bradesco employee. He started his banking career in 1978. Lazari and Trabuco are former bank trainees. Both men followed similar paths to the top of the banking food chain. The bank’s future profit picture depends on their ability to work together as well as their ability to keep the executive team on top of the changes that are going on in the largest country in Latin America according to valor.com.br. Shareholders have faith in Trabuco thanks to his performance record in banking as well as his environmental initiatives. Lazari banking track record is as impressive as Trabuco’s, according to some of the Bradesco employees who worked with him at Seguros, the bank’s insurance division.

Bradesco is facing challenges in 2018, according to some media reports. Critics of the bank say the bank must close more bank branches in order to make income projections in 2018. Lazari said the bank will close another 500 locations in 2018 as well as give more customers the opportunity to borrow money. Interest rates are down, but there is a presidential election in 2018, and that could change the political dynamics going forward. But according to Trabuco, the bank is insulated from government changes because most of the bank’s profit comes from investments, insurance policies, and other bank services. Most Bradesco employees think Lazari will be as effective as Trabuco was in the CEO position. And they say Trabuco will be a great asset to the bank’s Board of Directors as Chairman.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: http://www.valor.com.br/financas/5306443/bradesco-anuncia-octavio-lazari-no-lugar-de-luiz-carlos-trabuco

Doe Deere’s Unique Vision

Is there a limit to how colorful and how beautiful a woman should be? Though in some more conservative circles, perhaps there is, but the truth is there is a new kind of idea being embraced by women everywhere, and it’s all about being as beautiful as you want to be, and as powerful as you think you are. Wow! Talk about radical! Yes, women do have power, and they are beginning to roar in ways no one has ever quite seen before.


Lime Crime’s Powerful Message


Lime Crime Cosmetics is the makeup brand that is speaking to women who want to claim their power by being as uniquely beautiful as they dare to be. The brand, which was innovated by Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, started out as a website that featured the makeup products for order online. Deere’s wise use of the Internet for her marketing strategies helped spread the word about Lime Crime, and the high quality of the products, along with the amazing colors used in the line, helped make it a “come from nowhere” success.


Living the Unicorn Ideal


Besides being a product innovator, Deere is also a marketing genius who knows how to promote products while keeping the feeling of the brand fun and fanciful. The Unicorn is the underlying symbol of this brand, and it is this whimsical quality that has connected with so many of the brand’s customers. Deere has always connected to mythical stories, and she has kept this passion alive by integrating it with her product line. To her, the idea of the unicorn is a perfect symbol for Lime Crime’s customers, as they are women who have no choice but to be utterly unique in their look and style. The Unicorn lipstick line is a top seller for Lime Crime, which shows you how well this idea resonates with customers.


The colors used by Lime Crime are as innovative as can be. The lip and hair colors includes shades of green, blue, yellow and purple, and though they are unusual, they are all as pretty as can be. Her lipsticks go on easy and stay on, which is another reason behind their popularity. Lime Crime’s Instagram page uses photos of the brand’s own customers wearing the makeup, and this interactive quality to the page has made it extremely popular.


Doe Deere has never asked anyone how to run a makeup company, she just figured it out on her own, while staying true to her love of color, beauty and whimsy. If that doesn’t represent the idea of a strong and unique woman, we don’t know what does. All of this explains the unusual success and staying power of Lime Crime.

Overview of Securus Technologies’ success in Wireless Containment Solution

Securus Technologies is a reputable company that in is a frontline curbing crime. The company is helped many agencies in the state to curb crime. Some of the services that are provided by the firm are investigations and government payment services. The company has made it public it is helping prisons to prevent the use of illegal communication gadgets by the prisoners. The data generated by law enforcement departments indicate that crimes that are organized in prisons have increased.

Robert Johnson is of the victims of crime that was coordinated from jail. He seized drugs that belonged to a prisoner while on duty. The prisoner was not pleased by the confiscation, and he promised to revenge, he used a contraband phone to conduct his friend to murder the officer. Robert was almost lost his life when he received six bullets in his stomach. He survived to witness how crimes being coordinated from prisons leads to losing of many lives. One mother lost her a child when a prisoner organized the crime. The prisoner disagreed with an uncle to the baby.

Securus Technologies came up with a technology that will make it hard for the prisoners to possess a cell phone. The technology is called Wireless Containment Solution. Wireless Containment Solution denies calls from unauthorized phones from accessing public network. It gives the prison officers authorities to controls all the incoming and outgoing calls. The technology has been installed in 11 prisons.it uses radio technology to control the use of illicit phones in prisons. The surroundings of the prisons have been safe through the use Wireless Containment Solution.

Secures Technologies is providing services that other organizations could not provide easily.it is the best technology that will ensure that no inmates use an illicit communication gadget. Wireless Containment Solution will ensure that the safety of prison officers and their loved ones is maintained. The technology was developed by Secures Technologies at the cost of $40 million. The invention makes the Secures Technologies the best in improving the security of correctional facilities. The company will ensure that illicit phones are eliminated.

Secures Technologies has provided technical services in prisons for many years. The company was founded by Rick Smith. Smith has led the company to be the best in improving safety in prisons. The company is based in Texas. The services that are provided by the company has assisted over 3500 safety agencies in the USA. More than 1,200,000 inmates have benefitted from the technology in various parts of North America. Secures Technologies has nurtured staff that is competent in innovations and inventions. They are the one who has enabled the company to succeed in service provision. The company has ensured that the safety of the prisoners is guaranteed.

Talk Fusion Company

Talk Fusion is a video communication company. The company is leading in the video communication industry. Talk Fusion has a wider clientele. The company has gained more customers due to its products prices. The company products go at a reasonable price. For instance, basic services need a one time payment of 175 dollars. Afterwards, the customers pay 20 dollars every month. This kind of basic service allows customers to store up to 1,000 emails. Moreover, the service allows clients to create up to five minutes long videos. The company CEO and founder Bob Reina claims that the company does not have any other competitor other than itself. However, the reality that the company has no competitors does not make its leadership relax and enjoy. The leaders of the company are working tirelessly to bring about better ways of doing business. Currently, the company is using a lot of innovative approaches to offer customer satisfying services and products. Learn more: https://talkfusioninstantpay.com/

The mission of the company is to change the means through which communication takes place internationally. To accomplish the mission, the company is doing its best to get rid of communication, barriers that are present in today’s world. Talk Fusion continues to develop its products and make new ones to increase the value of the brand. For example, the company has come up with a new dashboard meant for new products. The dashboard is among the many innovations of the company to be announced later. The new look of the new dashboard intends to better the customers’ experiences with the company products. Furthermore, Talk Fusion is trying to push people into accepting the new and best ways of communicating. It’s very clear that video communication is becoming the best communication mode internationally. Thus, with Talk Fusion’s video products, the company is set to meet the ever-growing demands of customers.

The products that Talk Fusion Company offers include broadcasting, social networking and video conferencing. The company started with just one product of putting videos into emails. Today, the company has a variety of products as well as the leading firm in the industry. Talk Fusion’s customers get immediate help anytime they need it on the company website. The templates at the company website allow customers to create and leave a message. Customers can buy such products that enable them to send many emails at ago. The company also offers its clients with metrics that are available with any email service. Customers are able to know which emails have been delivered through this metrics. In addition to this, the metrics allow customers to know how many people have viewed a certain video.