Doe Deere’s Unique Vision

Is there a limit to how colorful and how beautiful a woman should be? Though in some more conservative circles, perhaps there is, but the truth is there is a new kind of idea being embraced by women everywhere, and it’s all about being as beautiful as you want to be, and as powerful as you think you are. Wow! Talk about radical! Yes, women do have power, and they are beginning to roar in ways no one has ever quite seen before.


Lime Crime’s Powerful Message


Lime Crime Cosmetics is the makeup brand that is speaking to women who want to claim their power by being as uniquely beautiful as they dare to be. The brand, which was innovated by Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, started out as a website that featured the makeup products for order online. Deere’s wise use of the Internet for her marketing strategies helped spread the word about Lime Crime, and the high quality of the products, along with the amazing colors used in the line, helped make it a “come from nowhere” success.


Living the Unicorn Ideal


Besides being a product innovator, Deere is also a marketing genius who knows how to promote products while keeping the feeling of the brand fun and fanciful. The Unicorn is the underlying symbol of this brand, and it is this whimsical quality that has connected with so many of the brand’s customers. Deere has always connected to mythical stories, and she has kept this passion alive by integrating it with her product line. To her, the idea of the unicorn is a perfect symbol for Lime Crime’s customers, as they are women who have no choice but to be utterly unique in their look and style. The Unicorn lipstick line is a top seller for Lime Crime, which shows you how well this idea resonates with customers.


The colors used by Lime Crime are as innovative as can be. The lip and hair colors includes shades of green, blue, yellow and purple, and though they are unusual, they are all as pretty as can be. Her lipsticks go on easy and stay on, which is another reason behind their popularity. Lime Crime’s Instagram page uses photos of the brand’s own customers wearing the makeup, and this interactive quality to the page has made it extremely popular.


Doe Deere has never asked anyone how to run a makeup company, she just figured it out on her own, while staying true to her love of color, beauty and whimsy. If that doesn’t represent the idea of a strong and unique woman, we don’t know what does. All of this explains the unusual success and staying power of Lime Crime.

Overview of Securus Technologies’ success in Wireless Containment Solution

Securus Technologies is a reputable company that in is a frontline curbing crime. The company is helped many agencies in the state to curb crime. Some of the services that are provided by the firm are investigations and government payment services. The company has made it public it is helping prisons to prevent the use of illegal communication gadgets by the prisoners. The data generated by law enforcement departments indicate that crimes that are organized in prisons have increased.

Robert Johnson is of the victims of crime that was coordinated from jail. He seized drugs that belonged to a prisoner while on duty. The prisoner was not pleased by the confiscation, and he promised to revenge, he used a contraband phone to conduct his friend to murder the officer. Robert was almost lost his life when he received six bullets in his stomach. He survived to witness how crimes being coordinated from prisons leads to losing of many lives. One mother lost her a child when a prisoner organized the crime. The prisoner disagreed with an uncle to the baby.

Securus Technologies came up with a technology that will make it hard for the prisoners to possess a cell phone. The technology is called Wireless Containment Solution. Wireless Containment Solution denies calls from unauthorized phones from accessing public network. It gives the prison officers authorities to controls all the incoming and outgoing calls. The technology has been installed in 11 uses radio technology to control the use of illicit phones in prisons. The surroundings of the prisons have been safe through the use Wireless Containment Solution.

Secures Technologies is providing services that other organizations could not provide is the best technology that will ensure that no inmates use an illicit communication gadget. Wireless Containment Solution will ensure that the safety of prison officers and their loved ones is maintained. The technology was developed by Secures Technologies at the cost of $40 million. The invention makes the Secures Technologies the best in improving the security of correctional facilities. The company will ensure that illicit phones are eliminated.

Secures Technologies has provided technical services in prisons for many years. The company was founded by Rick Smith. Smith has led the company to be the best in improving safety in prisons. The company is based in Texas. The services that are provided by the company has assisted over 3500 safety agencies in the USA. More than 1,200,000 inmates have benefitted from the technology in various parts of North America. Secures Technologies has nurtured staff that is competent in innovations and inventions. They are the one who has enabled the company to succeed in service provision. The company has ensured that the safety of the prisoners is guaranteed.