Diplomat Daniel Taub commitment to work

Daniel Taub is one of the diplomats to have ever served Israel in the best way since the era of Shlomo Argov in the 1970s. He was a dedicated diplomat who put the interests of his country first. Daniel Taub was appointed to the office of ambassador in 2011 and left office four years later in 2015. Daniel Taub, however, left an indelible mark on the country’s diplomatic mission. He made sure that his country benefited maximally from the cooperation that had been established with the United Kingdom.



Daniel Taub worked with his country to ensure that it gained a lot from the United Kingdom. London is one of the best locations in the world that any country would love to establish a strong relationship with. London is a financial center as well as a media center. When one is serving in London, he has a role that is appealing to a huge number of people in the world. Daniel Taub would use this influence that London had to communicate the issues that Israel faced in the Middle East. Daniel Taub would appear in a number of televisions shows where he could discuss various issues of international interests. Daniel Taub was working at a time when the country has been faced with diplomatic challenges due to ongoing struggle that the country was facing in the Middle East. Israel was being accused of suppressing peace efforts in the region.



Daniel Taub as a diplomat had the mandate of explaining his country’s position on these issues to the globe. As a person who had spent many years of his career trying to help the region achieve peace. He was adamant that Israel was not the cause of the challenges that were seen in the region. Israel, in fact, was one of the countries that had big respect for trade pacts in the region. He described Israel as a country that had good relations with other neighbors who included Egypt and Jordan. Israel had a long-standing pact with these two countries a thing that showed Israel was not to blame for the never unending crisis in the Middle East.



Daniel Taub is one person who knew how to go about his diplomatic mission. He worked closely with other players in the diplomatic offices to see his country gain maximally. True to his mission in the country, Israel benefited a lot from the cooperation with the United Kingdom. He left the office satisfied that he had helped his country in the best way possible.