Kim Dao Sees An Unexpected Friend In Prague

It is officially Kim Dao’s first day in Prague. She will be mainly relaxing and site seeing. They plan on walking around the city and visiting the outlet if time permits. She goes to get breakfast before time runs out. Kim Dao finished breakfast and she feels really good.


They head out to explore the city. Kim Dao films the beautiful buildings and scenery. She watches a wedding in the middle of the street. They walk around the city. They stop to get some ice cream. Kim Dao enjoys a milkshake as well. They visit some more sites. They are going to get some dinner. Kim Dao wants to attend the orchestra tomorrow. She hopes they get some good tickets. She loves classical music. Kim Dao has dinner with her cousins. She catches shots of the city at sunset. She records a bird. Kim Dao plays cards.


It is the next morning. She is going site seeing in Prague. She is also going to the orchestra. She explains why she hasn’t been recording as much. She brushes her teeth and take a shower so she can make it to breakfast. She visits the sites. Kim Dao gets a drink. She has some ice cream. She purchased some chocolate for her cousin in Denmark. Kim Dao has edited and uploaded a video. Kim Dao made it to the orchestra. She gets dessert. Learn more:


It is the last day in Prague. She gets some lunch. She sees her friend. She gets food while the car charges. In the midst of getting dinner, there is a bike marathon. Kim Dao is back in the room. She plans on shopping for souvenirs and site seeing tomorrow. She does a room tour.


The video here.