Hard work pays as the English men once said. It is through hard work, determination and having great dreams that have helped Dr. Saad Saad to study in Cairo well to acquire got certification in his medical degree. He originates from a poor background which has been a motivator for him to work tirelessly to pave his way to be a successful doctor. Also, the fact that he confirmed he could not manage to work in an open environment gave him more aggression to pursue his education seriously.

He did his medical training in the United States where he got the opportunity to join a fellowship of pediatric surgeons. He worked with different hospitals and later went to Saudi Arabia to give more of his services. He was able to work in Faisal Hospital which primarily offers medical services to the Royal family. As taught by his mentor, everyone is equal and deserves equal opportunities; Dr. Saad incorporated this into his surgeries and treatment. He, therefore, served both the rich and the poor as the hospital offered time for other people to be served. This reveals his kind heart as he continues with sharing his knowledge to help people.

He purposes to ensure that the medical sector becomes better with time. For this reason, Dr. Saad Saad has involved himself in social activities that would provide proper medical care. He was involved in the development of a surgical training program for Saudi students. This made the medical studies useful for them as they get educated and trained at the same place ensuring they had the opportunity to even share their skills with their community.

Moreover, Dr. Saad has had the mission to improve the quality of the surgical procedures. He has been involved in several surgical discoveries such as the use of aesthetics during surgeries to help reduce pain and risks of the patients. That resulted in more innovations such as the discovery of catheter with a tracking mechanism. This equipment is used to make valid surgeries. The catheters are used to drain fluids for more straightforward operation, and it has a tracking mechanism to aid in giving the knowledge on the right place to put the machine. Unlike the old catheters, the new catheter discovered by Dr. Saad use electromagnetic energy to identify the location. This discovery has helped many surgical patients to avoid x-rays and MRI to find the catheter.

He was able to discover the rigid endoscope which the surgeons use to view inside the patient’s body during surgery. It also assists in making examinations smooth as the body viewing is made effective. It is made possible through the use of a suction device that sucks away fluids which make the process of viewing a body difficult. Therefore, it is evident that Dr. Saad has been of benefit in the medical sector as he has facilitated growth and better care. Learn more: